Friday, May 16, 2008


After Zen training last night, I went out to have a few beers with my friend "B" and while sitting at the bar with him, I sat next to a guy who was doing a crossword puzzle. I asked him how he could concentrate in that atmosphere. He said he does his best thinking in noisy rooms. I then turned back to my friend and talked to him for about an hour and told him that I thought this guy was cute. He told me to talk to him, so I turned back and began a conversation (nope, I am NOT Fortunately "B"s girlfriend showed up so I didn't have to feel too guilty for ignoring him from that point on!

Long Story short, I met a really cool guy! I need to get to know him better, but at this point, I think that he is someone that could be fun to hang with (as in more than friends)......maybe....we shall see. He is cute, funny, intelligent and after we started talking, he was telling me that when I sat down he checked my hand for a ring (none of course) but was disappointed because I was with a man. It was sort of fun to know that he had been checking me out prior to me striking up a conversation. That probably sounds dumb, but it was flattering!

The shhhh part is for the headache that I have this morning.

I have MUCH to do today. I am heading back home for my niece's wedding (which is tomorrow) but leaving today after class (if I can get my ass into gear)

Ok, I suppose I should start with a shower........uh, yeah nearly 11am and not even showered......latersssssssss

[Ed. Note: So I have been freezing all morning and a nice long hot shower sounded so good, and it was good until half way through my water shut off!! Through the dribbles coming out of the spout I was at least able to get the conditioner out of my hair, but I was left very frustrated. Now of course it is back on (some maintenance issue) but I am out now, so I am opting for a warm sweatshirt instead of getting back in the about disappointing!]

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