Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Feel Good Story

The football blog that I patron was talking about this story, I followed the link and it brought tears to my eyes. It is a great story and I thought that I would share it with you all. Look here.

You may remember my friend New Scott, he called tonight to give me a lead, a BIG lead. I CEO of a large health system wants me to call him to see what I may be able to help him with as it relates to end of life care. It could turn out to be nothing and it could turn into something that will get me OUT THERE doing what I really feel passionate about! We shall see!

I have sooooo much to do! My Yale paper is going slow, but I am making progress. My funding came in for summer and it isn't even enough to cover my tuition. FUCK! This of course means that I need to get out there and find some additional funding (another thing to add to the list) The quicker I get this paper in the can, the better! I need to prepare for this meeting with the CEO and prepare for the class that begins on Friday.........and take a stats test for the other class that starts in June....and....and....and....and.......the list goes on. It is starting to pile up, but still manageable. FOCUS........so much for a social life.....that just isn't going to happen.........although I did buy some premium tequila .......just by chance Little stops by for a margarita! (even if he doesn't, hmmm.....maybe I should have one now!!!!!!!! Oh yeah......I think I will.......laterssssssss

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