Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Yesterday was about as perfect as it could get! "the boy" took me to my meeting in downtown Detroit, then we went to the Detroit Zoo, then to the Casino (where I won $31.25...hee hee), then to Fishbones for dinner, THEN a stop at the fabulous Bakery for a few goodies......then we met my friend and his girlfriend down at "the scene of the crime" (the bar where I met "the boy") played darts, pool and generally had a wonderful time!

Of course my phone rang off the hook with my kids, parents and siblings wishing me a happy birthday!

I must admit......I am falling for "the boy".....fortunately for me he is falling for me too :o) keep things balanced! Remember..... this little thing called a PhD......yeah.....can't forget about THAT!

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