Sunday, May 11, 2008


ACK! This paper sucks! I don't know why I am so opposed to writing it, but it is torture when it takes so much effort! It is coming along and hopefully by this evening I will have a readable draft that I can send around for comments before I send it to my advisor for her to rip it to shreds!

Jordan called me today, he hates talking on the phone, so it was nice to talk to him. He just got back from a trip that he took to North Carolina with his father to go kite boarding. He had a great time and great stories to tell, like.......he stepped on a shark and lived to tell about it! EEKK!! I talked to Ben yesterday so I don't expect to hear from him today. My daughter, that is debatable on if she calls me or not! I talked with my step mother yesterday so that is not a task that I need to complete today. I will call my mother later so she can tell me all about what she did today. I sent them both cards in the mail.

Ok, I suppose I should get back to that damn paper. Once I get all of my thoughts down, then I can go back and organize it better and fill in the gaps. Then print it out and do my first read through before I let anyone else see it. Once I think it is fairly good, then I will locate a reader. It will be really nice to have this off my plate, there are so many other things that I need to be doing!



Little said...

Happy Mama's Day, sweetie!

Catie said...

Thank you :o)

ellen said...

Happy Mother's Day - now get to work, young lady!!!