Friday, September 14, 2007


I am buried in a sea of homework and it is so much that I am having a difficult time sorting it out. That is my goal this afternoon, to sort it out and make a huge spread sheet of what I am suppose to read, for what class, and then what is due, when, for each class. Three of the classes are web based so I must be online at certain times and I don't know what those times are either. I am not pleased that I am so overwhelmed, but I should be better later tonight. I do know that I have an assignment due by midnight tonight, so I need to do that as well.

On a more upbeat note...I will be at the Michigan vs Notre Dame game tomorrow. There is a plan to show the team support. Former Michgigan Players are meeting at the tunnel when the team gets off the bus at 1:45 pm to show them support. I will be there as well. You know, it has been a great disappointment for Michigan fans to have such a horrible start to the season, but it is important to step back and remember that these are KIDS, playing is that simple......anything but support to them is harmful. (The coaching staff is another story, as they get PAID, BIG BUCKS to do a job.......and well.....that is in question in my book.......but that can be dealt with at the end of the season. So for is all GO BLUE!!!!!

Ok....back to this massive sorting of homework.......peace out!


Crock said...

hey Katie - saw you on the mzone blog.

have fun at the stadium today - wish I could be there.

Go Blue !

Katie said...

Thanks Crock! I saw that you and your daughter have been wearing your Michigan gear, Good Job! Those who stay, will be champions, or something like that! I hope you watch the game today and I wish you could be there too! GO BLUE!