Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

I was so stunned by the Michigan Loss, I swear I woke up each morning thinking maybe I dreamed it, then realized that I did not dream it. I am disappointed, but I can not imagine how the players must feel. There are grief issues that they must deal with, I wish I could help them out with that, since it is my speciality, somehow I doubt they wish to have me help! Ben and Emily are here and we have had a grand time together, it has been so wonderful to spend time with them. We went to borders and got some great deals on some very cool books, then to the mall where the new Sephora store has opened. I was in is an awesome store! Then Ben and Emily picked up a few clothes thanks to Momma and then we came home and played some cards and looked at our new prizes. They will be heading out soon, which will give me some time to clean up after them and make sure I have my school work ready to go. I DO have a class now on Tuesday nights, so I will be going to class tomorrow night. I also meet with a professor from one of my other classes tomorrow. I am feeling pretty ready..................*deep breath*.........I sure hope I am!

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ellen said...

Did you pack your lunch? Do you have your new backpack all ready? Wearing clean underwear - oh, maybe that was one question too many, eh?
Have a great start to your new school life.