Friday, September 21, 2007

Life at UofM

I provided a link for you before that did not work. I am going to give it again, you will have to copy and paste, I am doing it solely to give credit for the quote I am about to type! LOL

I NEED to know - by Susan Morsek

I'm stretched again, but my resilience is long gone and I can't bounce back. It's tiresome dragging around the excess, yet I'm unsure whether it's safe to cut it off. What if it houses my essence, or the directional portion of my id?

The drawing that she has with this is a lady with her "second skin" or the excess dragging behind her. I LOVE this is so descriptive of how I feel at times.......this week is one of those times.........I can't seem to get ahead of any of it........I just keep trying.....that is all I can do......3 papers that I am working on today........I really want to get them done so I can head to TR to help my daughter with a few things on Sunday, but it is not looking like that is going to happen........

The good news.........Michigan vs Penn State tomorrow........hoping for a win for the conference opener.........not feeling it we shall see.

Peace and GO BLUE!

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