Wednesday, September 05, 2007

It is F***ing hot!

I finally complained to the management group about my AC not working. (And the fact that my sliding glass door doesn't open anymore) I have been sweltering, as I am at this moment...sweat just pouring off me..............they showed up today, fixed the door and looked at the AC and said "Yep, its broke" They should have a new one tomorrow for me after the truck arrives. So, lets NOT mention that I should have said something a long time ago, lets just be grateful that when I return from San Francisco, I will not have to sweat in my apartment again......unless of course it is for something naughty and fun......*evil grin*.......If you did not pick up on the fact that I mentioned San Francisco, yes indeed, I will be heading for the West Coast one more time tomorrow. It is my graduation from the training that I have been doing all year. I leave tomorrow and will return home on Monday. I am taking my laptop, for the sole purpose of checking the score of the Michigan Game on Saturday, so you may get an update as well. Peace out and I hope you all have a great weekend!

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