Sunday, September 30, 2007

I am getting way too old!

Holy Smokes........I cleaned the house for the kids and Chrystal's room (she helped of course and the boys cleaned their own rooms) After the cleaning....I sit here, one load of laundry in the dryer, then I will be done. Here is the count.......are you ready???? 3 loads of dishes cleaned in the dishwasher, 10 garbage bags of pop cans, 20 garbage bags of garbage/junk and 22 loads of laundry (that counts 3 of my own loads of laundry that I brought with me) I threw away their microwave because it was SOOO encrusted with gunk that there was no cleaning it (and the paint in it was pealing off when I tried) and bought them a new one. Now...the entire house is spotless, I made then 2 meals while I was here and a batch of brownies........this all in the last 24 hours folks.......I am beat. I am sitting here watching football with Ben. We are watching the Bears and the Lions and game casting Green Bay on the PC laptop. I will likely head back to A2 With in the next hour or so.....of course there was a big family discussion during dinner about the need to be more responsible for themselves because my time is limited and I can't come rescue them too often.......we will see.....I don't have tons of confidence in their ability to clean around here.....we all know how that has gone in the past...LMAO!!! I do know I am way too old for this shit! :o) Peace out!

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