Thursday, September 06, 2007

Flight Delayed

Here I sit at the Detroit Metro Airport (Yes I paid the $8 to get on the internet). My flight is delayed, at this point it is only delayed 30 minutes, however I think that is positive thinking. Now I need to be sure that those who are waiting for me on the other end are aware that I am going to be late. I don't hae anything worthy of blogging aside from that fact, I am slightly bored. I did download 2 movies to my iPod to watch on the plane, however, do you think I brought the cable to charge my iPod? we shall see how long one good charge lasts on an iPod. Of course I have homework from 4 classes that I broght as I really have no reason to be bored. Ok, I have guilted myself into getting off and reading some of the homework that I broght with me. Peace out.

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