Saturday, September 15, 2007

Much needed win........

We will not discuss just exactly how HORRIBLE Notre Dame is.........creaming them today.....felt so good. I am getting to know my seat mates and liking those who are sitting behind me and beside me. The people in front of me I am not so sure about......they don't stand up (except at halftime for the band) and they keep looking at me like I have two heads (I happen to scream pretty damn loud...hee hee) I did have this incredible idea cool would it be to MEET a single guy at the game? Seriously......we would have to get past the "I love you because you have season tickets", but I am sure I can convince some hottie that his season tickets really isn't the reason that I love him...LMAO! (After I graduate, I will no longer be able to go to the games, so you see why this could be a good place to meet a man!) I walked home alone....I really thought how silly it is......what the hell am I doing??? I need to get a hook up and start having a little bit of fun in this town! Anyway..........Michigan looked good.....Mallet is going to make a great QB.......GO BLUE!!! Peace out!!

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