Monday, September 17, 2007

Holy Shit!

Sorry folks, I have been buried in homework and have ignored ya'll!! I happen to be at my kids house over on the West side of the state. I arrived around 9pm, will do some consulting work tomorrow and hang with the kids tomorrow night. I have a meeting with a prof on Wednesday at 1pm, so I will head back to A2 Wednesday late morning. The cash is starting to dry up, so I need to start lining up some more consulting and speaking engagements, or else go to work at Macy's, and that might be a bad thing, since I would probably spend everything I make....LMAO! a docoral student, I probably should stick with consulting and speaking vs sales clerk at Macy's. Of course the kids love me to visit because I clean and do laundry. They are extra glad to see me since I brought them my PC laptop. It is only 2 years old, an excellent machine, but seriously, I don't need 3 computers and I am over the top in love with my Macs! They had to promise no downloads to the laptop, to use if for college homework only, no porn, no Lime Wire......they have 2 other desk top computers here that they have already trashed with all that type of crap. They agreed. Ok....enough babble........I need to finish some homework and head off to dream land so I can get a nice long day in tomorrow! Peace Out!!! (Jenny.......I promise to email soon.....I know you are swamped too....just know I am thinking of you!!)

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