Friday, April 04, 2008


Ok, so the date actually went superbly well. Very cool guy. He already asked me for a second date! I like him, which is like, amazing since I don't seem to like anyone that I date....LOL. There is one small little issue that could potentially be a problem.......he is ......hmmm......quite a bit younger than me. He doesn't act like it, and in some ways he doesn't look like it, but the fact of the matter is........yeah. I am so robbing the cradle, this point, I am not complaining.......and he doesn't seem to be either. It actually bothers me a little more than it bothers him. (It doesn't bother him at all). I am just going with it. He has time constraints like I do, so I isn't like he is going to monopolize my time (which I think is one thing that sort of turns me off a bit......I need some breathing room too) This could be a really fun summer!

But before the summer hits.......I have 2 weeks that I need to keep my focus and wrap up this stuff. to do that........peace out.

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