Saturday, April 26, 2008


The first year of doctoral school is finished. All the grades are in and I am in good standing. Allow me to just say......................................FUCK ME!!!!! Holy Mother of God. That was by all accounts NOT fun!!! But it is over, it is in the books and now I move on. This summer is going to be a good one for me as far as gaining ground goes.

Financially, It is difficult as well. I am interviewing a roommate today. Yes, I do remember my roommate experience which is why one of my friends will be in on the interview with me. I am actually interviewing a 35 year old male to be my roommate. Strange but true. I get along better with men (he gets along better with women) so, we shall see. Another reason why my friend is going to be here, he knows the male species better and since I am such a trusting soul, he will be better able to discern if there might be a problem. This will greatly assist me in the financial department.

All things considered. I am breathing and that is a good sign.


ellen said...

You did it!!! One year down. I'll bet the rest will just fly by. For me that is - hehehe.

Little said...


Just think, that BS is out of the way... No going back....only forward!