Monday, April 28, 2008


I am getting sooo much done! I love that feeling. It is a good thing too, since I have so much to GET done. Mostly working on the research, I also have my program plan in the mix and preparing for a room mate.

So a long night ahead as well as the morning. I have a recruiting meeting to attend to try to get some nurses to help collect data for the research, so I need to prepare for that, among a few other things.

I saw an accountant today and "whew" I am actually going to get a refund on my federal taxes. I will owe for the state, but, damn, that was scary, since I took a good portion of my retirement last year, I thought that I would eat it big time. I don't know what I owe the state yet, hopefully not much.

Ok, so life goes on. I continue to get past the drama of late and hope that I learned enough from it to at least avoid chaos in the future.

Hopefully all is well with you all!

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