Tuesday, April 22, 2008

No ending, just beginnings

It does not feel as if it is ending, just all beginning again. I have 2 appointments first thing this morning. Then I have a bunch of phone calls to make to set up more appointments. Today I am hoping to clean the apartment and organize around here a bit. I am having dinner with a friend and today is my ONE day "down". Tomorrow begins a huge push to write a few papers, set up orientation for the research study, finish creating the code book for the research, create the data base from the code book, work on my proposal for my pilot study AND finish up my program plan. (which consists of finding 4 PhD level courses in another program for me to take (like social work, public health, etc.)

I should remind myself, 4 classes did end, that is an ending. I have 2 classes this summer, one goes until the end of July the other is only a month long (every day for a month) and is the month of June. So for May, I only have one class.

I am pretty much numb at this point. I hope to start feeling again so I can get introspective.

Its only just begun :o)

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