Monday, April 21, 2008

Lets begin with this......

"I will always have fears, but I need not be my fears, for I have other places within myself from which to speak and act."

~ Parker J. Palmer

I went into the last exam very proud of myself for how much I studied, how good I felt I knew the information and the exam was much different then the Prof had implied. I studied all of the wrong stuff. Fuck me. I am fairly certain that I passed it, but I wanted to come out of there feeling as if I had aced it. Not so much.

I then arrived home to an email from my Philosophy Prof, who said "I have to say I think you are clearly a very strong person - maybe you have been too strong for your own good in some ways? " Perceptive isn't he? Too bad the school of nursing is not so perceptive! But that made me feel good and led me to the quote above, reminded me of something that in all of this I had forgotten.

More to come.


Little said...

I had a lot to catch up on! ;-)

Have been crazy busy trying to work 2 jobs and SLEEP during the day plus get the bedroom done. Can't wait to finish so you can see. Carpet guy comes to measure this afternoon so I need to go get some sleep.

Catie said...

I miss you!!! Margaritas soon???!!! Please!!!!!