Sunday, April 20, 2008

Last Push

The last push for the term. 2 final exams. Tomorrow at 5pm it will be over (in essence, I still need to see about one class that I may need to take an incomplete in) It all starts again on Tuesday. Although classes don't begin until the first of May, I am doing my thesis research this summer as well as coordinating a research project and that has all started. I also have the Yale paper to write and a plethora of personal items (like taxes) to accomplish. I could use a break however I am not going to get one.

I am feeling pretty good about the exams, but I still have tonight and tomorrow morning. Thus. The last push.

Wish me luck.

Tomorrow night I will process much of my inner personal stuff. You will get at least a piece of it, if it is too ooey gooey I might have to edit for you.....:o)


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