Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I think I can, I think I can....

Goodness, I am actually getting somewhere. My paper is nearly finished. I am taking a break from it so that I can go back and do a final edit (hopefully find about 100 more words to add to the damn thing as well.....it is a philosophy paper for Christs sake, you would think I could bullshit for 100 words at least!

I am working on another assignment as my break from the paper. If I could wrap that up today, it would give me Wednesday and Thursday to prepare a presentation and administrative memo for my class on Friday. That takes me to the end of this week and only 1 paper and 2 final exams. Yesterday morning, I questioned if it really was possible to finish it all......it is looking better every moment.

I always get this sadness after meeting someone and spending time with them, then they exit my life. (Although, I don't think he has completely exited, meh. We shall see) It isn't so much a sadness about losing THEM (although he is a really cool guy) it is more of a stark reality, a reminder so to speak that I am alone and if I can't sleep (like last night) there is no one here to care. Don't get me wrong, I have been single a long time and I am very comfortable with that ( probably too comfortable), it simply is one of those things that just gets caught in your throat and you realize, well SHIT, I am alone. Fuck. Not the best week to experience those feelings, but hey, it isn't like I haven't felt them all before. The good thing is that I know they go away. :o)

Back to work! IT IS SO ALMOST OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Big Here....Very proud of you your almost done with your first year of grad school.
I understand about sleeping alone now that little is work nights. The dog does not sleep with me. Thank goodness I have my blanket still. I cannot believe I said yes to pacu again this week that will make 11 hours in overtime plus working 40 hours/week.
Yeah I am blabbing along. Sweet dreams.

Catie said...

Hi luv, thank you!! When are we all going to get together? We need to do something fun soon!