Saturday, April 26, 2008

I am so lucky!

My friend Ernest called to see if I wanted to go see "Shine the Light" it is a movie about the Rolling Stones. It was awesome! Then we had a drink and just talked. It is always great to talk with him, he is an amazing person.

I interviewed my new roommate. He passed the mustard and will move in probably next weekend. I am a little nervous about sharing the space, but I do feel good about it too. No doubt that the financial assistance will relieve some stress. Hopefully I won't exchange that stress for something more. It doesn't seem that way at this point. Although anytime you share space with someone, it is bound to have some stress involved.

Tomorrow is a LOT of work on the research project. FOCUS is the name of the game for me this summer.

I do hope that you are all doing well, I for sure am much better than I was a week or two ago. Center......I just need to keep my center over the course of this degree. I can not afford this much drama every term!


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