Monday, April 14, 2008


Education is a wonderful thing. I thought that I would be acquiring empirical knowledge this past year. I think I actually DID do that, but I think that what I am learning in the process of all of this is far more than empirical knowledge, I am learning a great deal about myself. I am actually a little frightened that I am going to lose some of this before I have a chance to process it.

My brothers death, then subsequently my cousins death last week, has complicated some of this as well. We should not forget that.

Not that you are waiting for it, or hoping for it, but you can expect to see a very lengthy introspective post sometime next week. As I process all of this, I am trying to keep hold of the important details, yet still focus on finishing the term. This weekend of course is the Dali Lama which I have tickets for both days. Richard Gere will also be here on Friday night at a session on Buddhism and the arts (and yes I have tickets....yummy) and of course Thursday night is my first Zen training. So that makes 4 straight days of Zen. I think my soul is going to drink up every drop of it. (of course I have my 2 finals on Monday, so the timing sucks, but I have a plan)

For now, I understand that my postings have been slightly cryptic and possibly disturbing, and although I am in some pain right now, it is all really good for me to walk through this. I will be fine.

Even better after I talk to the boy toy in the morning. I really need to kill that damn elephant. Having him tromp around between us is hurting both of us.


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