Monday, March 22, 2010

Starting a new week!

I am sitting here in my robe with my hair wet and I need to catch the bus in 50 minutes. This will be quick. (that is what she said....HA HAHAHAHA, gotta love the office). I can't believe that the term is nearly over! Holy cow! There is tons to accomplish still and I really am just going day by day. This weekend was light on homework compared to what I will face over the next few weeks. Although much of my "class" reading will be gone, so that will help. I seriously am looking to make it through in tact. i think that I can. Having a job will help. I don't see my first pay check until April 2nd, so I still have to take the bus and other unfortunate things that come with not having any money. Although taking the bus at least gets me some major walking time in. I really don't have a lot to say, I just needed to write a little this morning. At some point here, there are some real issues that I need to address and journal about.......until then, I think I will just be putting up short little diddies........hoping if you are reading this that you are having a wonderful life and enjoying all your moments.......Peace!

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