Sunday, March 07, 2010

Ok, that didn't work!

I just keep crying! ACK! I think that I didn't realize how much I miss my kids. So I am really grateful that I was able to see Chrystal and spend good quality time with her.

I am working on these papers and I am nearly finished with one of them. So I am being productive too. I had called Chrystal to "make sure that she made it home safely" I got her voice mail and as soon as I heard her voice it made me cry, so I left a short message (tearful) and had to hang up before I started blubbering away. She returned my call which of course made me cry. She said she was feeling the same things I was and was real sad last night. How lucky am I to have children who love me like that and that I love so fully. It really is a good thing!

Ok, so now I should get back to this paper and finish it up!

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