Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Early to rise

My plan was to sleep in a bit and skip class so I can prepare for my meeting with the CEO and VP at what will be my new job. My legs didn't cooperate with that idea. I do have many things to get done today, so it is probably a blessing in disguise. I can work on a number of things that I didn't get finished yesterday when my brains were scrambled and then, as I had planned, have a little extra time to prepare for my "job" meeting. Mapquest suggest that it takes 45 minutes to drive there. Since it includes two major highways that service the Detroit area and are known for heavy traffic, I think I will plan extra time to be sure that I can locate where I am to get myself to. This of course means that I will likely arrive early, thus, I will bring lots of reading material with me! I have never had to drive 45 miles to work before, so this should prove to be interesting. Living in a Metro area it is very common to drive these lengths to get to work. Dave only has to drive a mile to get to work, THAT is what I am used to! At least it is only part time and only for a couple of months. Hopefully after that I will be able to find something more long term that is closer to Ann Arbor.

I won't breathe easy until I have some signed contract in my hand and all is said and done that I truly have this job. But when that happens, I will be so relieved to have some income coming in that will allow me to pay my bills on time for the next couple of months. The stress that it will relieve is going to be monumental!

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