Friday, March 05, 2010

Chrystal Coming to visit her momma today!

It is the end of my spring break. I haven't gotten enough done, but I will get some done today and on Sunday though. Chrystal (my one and only daughter and eldest of my 3 children) is coming to visit me today and tomorrow. It will be a "girlie" time as we are planning her wedding. She is getting married in July (in Vegas) which makes the planning a little easier and a little more difficult. This weekend though we are looking at paper for her invitations and beads and designs for her jewelry (which I am making for her). I am really excited to spend time with her. We have always been close and I miss seeing her daily since my move to Ann Arbor 3 years ago. I don't regret moving, it was time to let the birdies out of the nest, only the birdies wouldn't leave the nest (ha ha) so momma birdie is the one that left. I think in some ways it was good for them, in other ways, it may have had some negative affects on them. We always hope that we did a perfect job as a parent. I am sure that I made mistakes, after all, I am human! I just hope that whatever mistakes that I made they are able to overcome them and forgive me. The defining moment in a persons life often happens when they are very small, even a preverbal stage, sometimes it is difficult to identify what that defining moment may have been. I wonder sometimes as I look at my now adult children, what their defining moment was. Three children who are all completely different, all very special in their own way and loved unconditionally by me, and I wonder if there was something that I did that created that defining moment for them. Chrystal is so much like me and we can talk about anything and everything. I am looking forward to that today, but until she arrives, I need to get some homework done! (That may at least help me pass the time as I wait for her to arrive!!)

I have so much to say, so much to journal here, it will have to wait a bit longer though!

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