Sunday, March 14, 2010

How Lame.....

I am feeling pretty lame today. I had 4 days to accomplish a few things and I wasted much of that time. Yes I did get some things done, but there remains much to do. I probably shouldn't be so hard on myself, afterall, I will be paying for it over the next 6 weeks. Today I do hope to at least finish the paper that is due on Friday and prepare my readings for the week. I also need to run to the store, which I really don't want to do, but it would be better than Dave going when he gets out of work. We are on a limited budget until Friday and he usually finds deals that are too good to pass up and buys more than he should (which is a very good thing) but when it comes to we ONLY need these few things, it is better for me to go to the store! I have been doing to jewelry making and made a new necklace for my new job, however it needs just a bit of work, so I wanted to get that done today as well. Well, here I go again, putting my to do list on my blog. Meh.

After this first week on the job, I should have an idea of what my life will really be like for the next 6 weeks. I have an idea, but until I actually experience it, I really won't be able to plan my time. That may be why I haven't been able to focus on getting other things done. Or that could simply be an easy excuse so that I don't have to say that I am lazy! :)

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