Sunday, March 07, 2010


My heart is so sad! I didn't expect to feel so sad after visiting with my daughter! I would think that I would feel energized and happy after having such a wonderful visit. Be full of gratitude that I had such a wonderful chance to visit with her. (All of which I do) but I also feel such an empty place in my heart, like a big hole!!

Today I have to get 2 papers written and a bunch of reading done. The rest of the week will be playing catch up on everything else I didn't do over spring break!

So much more to say here, I think I will cry if I write it and I don't have time to cry right now.......(very backwards way to think, as it would probably take less time to just write it out, be with it, cry and move on....... I think it is an excuse to not be with it and feel it (just being honest here).

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