Sunday, March 21, 2010

As predicted!

So, I am working, actually LONG hours and finishing the school term (my last of official course work) AND......I am getting MORE done than I was before. I am always more productive when I have more on my plate. I am pleased with this! I am trying to NOT think of how close I am to finishing this term! I am really excited, after three years of course work, to know that this is the last of it, is amazing and makes the light at the end of the tunnel that much brighter! The end of course work means that I will have completed ALL of the classes (with the exception of one) that I need to meet the requirements for my PhD degree. The "one" is a data analysis class that I will take according to the type of analysis that I will be doing for my dissertation. Each term that I am doing my dissertation I am allowed one free class, so I probably will be taking one a term for the next year or so, but not 3-4 classes a term! Just thought I should explain that a bit, so when I talk about any classes coming up, you will understand!

Ok, time to get off here and get reading!

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