Monday, March 22, 2010

Gotta love it!

Most PhD students who are at the end of their course work, have their research design, measurement tools, analysis plan, etc already figured out. I have bounced around for 3 years, partly due to the fact that my area of research is basically not anything that any professor is doing at this university. There are professors that are doing little bits of what I am doing, but nobody is really looking at what I am looking at. Plus, I had the worst advisor ever and chose to simply ignore it until this last term, when I realized that it was doing me more of a disservice. So I am playing catch up, as in.....HURRY UP, catch up. My advisor is the dean of the graduate studies at the School of nursing and, well, pretty damn incredible and he realizes that I don't have funding for this dissertation, so it really means that I need to get through this as quickly as I possibly can.

All of that to say......I found LOTS of great stuff today that should help move this all along much smoother. So much to do, I so have to focus and do this. How wonderful would it be to really be able to do this like I really want to do it? To really contribute NEW knowledge to how we care for the dying in our country? Damn, it would be very cool.

Ok....back to reading.....Just had to write this all down!! :)

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