Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Scrambled Brains

Ok, so tomorrow I drive to Oak Park to get this new temporary job thing set. It is a homecare and hospice that needs assistance with getting ready for Joint Commission. It is only for a couple of months and the drive is a 45 minute drive (if the traffic isn't bad) BUT, it brings in money NOW and gets me past course work, which seems to be an issue with anyone wanting to hire me for a full time gig at the moment. It will look great on my CV, however my time is going to be sucked dry between the job and school. I am actually more productive when I am busy, so it may be a good thing.

Today I am all over the place, like a pig running around the barnyard. I can't get my mind to stay on one thing. I started working on a paper that is due on the 19th. I know what to say, I just can't seem to get it organized in my head to put it on paper. I did complete a form that is due in class on Thursday that outlines my research proposal. Although, I have no idea if it really is going to be my research or not. I still need to complete a work project for the Dean (which is a huge pain in the ass, but needs to be done) and I have tons of reading to do. I also should re-read a paper I wrote that is due on Thursday to be sure that my grammar and such is correct. So as I fumble around all of these tasks, I keep getting out my beading project and I can't even get anywhere with that, I keep undoing everything that I add to the focal piece (a cabochon that I beaded around and it looks wonderful!) However all of the other techniques that i need to do to complete the piece, I am not proficient at........soooooo........ack.....I am lost.

Maybe I should just lay on the sofa and watch TV.....God knows I won't be doing that for the next 2 months! The good news though, I should be able to buy my car when the lease is up next month (now that I have a job (albeit temporary) AND, I will be able to pay my bills on time.......that will be a huge relief.

So that is my story today, my brains are scrambled and I am at a loss on how to unscramble them. TV, here I come!

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