Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What was that?

Ok, so I am a little stressed (have been for what, 47 years now?), and my diet is not the best it should be, and I did start a new medication........ even still, I do not see what would precipitate me passing out. I met "the Boy" at a local restaurant for ONE drink (I did not even finish the one drink) we were there about an hour and when we decided to leave, I got a cold sweat and salivation in my mouth and I thought, I am either going to pass out or vomit, which is the last thing I remember until I wake up to see "the boy" leaning over me asking if I am alright. I hit my head very hard on a hard tile floor and have a VERY swollen and sore head today. I had him check my pupils and my hand grip. He stayed the night, iced my head and this morning I went to UHS (University Health Services). The doctor is a bit concerned because my head is really swollen and it is very obvious that I hit it quite hard. So I am suppose to ice it 15 minutes every hour and watch for signs of a brain bleed. She suggested "the boy" stay the night again so that I am not alone tonight. There is nothing obvious as to why this would happen except that I did start a new medication (which I will not take until I see that doc again on Thursday), my diet has been very low in calories, I am stressed about money and school (but hell, that is normal for me). The only other thing is that I may be coming down with something that hasn't quite manifested itself yet. (but seriously, I have been sick before, I never have passed out!) So......the real problem is, I do not have time for this shit. The next 2 weeks is super cram time and I need to be at 100%. *sigh* I am taking it easy today. Sitting here working on homework and I WILL go to class (I can NOT miss a class or I will get lost in this stats class), However, this evening I will be not going anywhere, and just resting. Tomorrow night is the Jack Johnson concert with Ben, and I don't want to miss that!

I must say though......it was nice to have someone care about me. I don't think I have ever had anyone take such good care of me when I was sick!


Legal Goddess said...

Oh no! I hope everything turns out ok!

Little said...

I know this diet is CrAzY....but it's not like we're drinking lemonade for 2 weeks. LOL

"ONE drink" - Your poor body is getting confused! This diet is super limited and by cheating a little now and then, your never going to stay in ketosis. You'll make yourself miserable and see no pay outs.

I've noticed some funky tunnel vision at times when I get up too fast. I've been checking my orthostatics at work and all is fine. Though... my pressure in general is down (from normal to high) so that's good.

Take care of yourself!!!!!

Catie said...

Thanks guys! So far so good! My noggin is VERY sore, but no actual headache to complain about and I am no more confused than normal so all is well!

Little, part of the trouble is that I can not seem to get in all 6 drinks and often have trouble getting in the meal! This has been a problem of mine lately (not eating enough) I am losing some weight, but not as much as I should be considering that I don't eat much. It isn't the diet so much as I just am so forgetful about eating.