Saturday, June 28, 2008


The stats class is over, I am hoping beyond hope that I get a "B".......if I have to take that class over again, I may just scream bloody murder. (Graduate work requires a "B" for the class to count, I am certain that I have said that before, but just in you know)

I am hot and sweaty and, well.....rather doesn't help that "the boy" is pissy too. We have discovered that both of us being pissy at the same time, isn't such a fun thing. Although he did bring me flowers today and made me dinner (that is like the 3rd time this week that he has made me dinner, I could get used to that!)

He is watching the Tigers, although he did take a break from the game to run over to the mall with me for a bit.

Alright.....I am not in the mood to update guess I better end this before it spirals down to a rant :o)

Peace Out.

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ellen said...

Boy, you must be pissy - I thought for sure you'd be jumping for joy now that the dreaded stats class is over. So - you're pissy because . . .?