Monday, June 02, 2008

Cool Site!

I found this site yesterday and it is tons of fun! You upload a photo of yourself and then people judge you simply on your looks. You MUST have thick skin, coz they are brutal!

Go Here

You can judge others as nice! :o)

[Ed. Note: I put the pic of me that I have on this site up and the average says that I am bright, not bad looking, average age 44 (I am 47, so not bad to have an average lower than what I am) The words to describe me are hysterical. Some are nice, some are....well, really mean like "witch" , "needtolose15lbs", "tired", "outdated", "scary", "depressed" and "fake". They guessed my name to be names like....... Bob, Helga, Martha, Delores, Helen, and Phyllis (wtf?) The did guess Maryann.......nothing close to Catie though! I put my old photo up (the one I used to use here) and I am waiting on the judging now......]

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