Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More Shit

[Ed. Note: I am not certain about the new Uni's for Michigan, but relatively certain......I think the thing that makes me question it is that the away uni's are also colored.......I thought that they were suppose to be white...hmmmm) anyway....take it for what it is worth........if it is true......they totally suck!] checkbook is missing. Nice huh? is a pretty good chance that the ex roomie took it. We stopped payment on the check numbers that I believe were left in the check book. Without the check book it is difficult for me to know exactly which ones were left. I of course was panicked about the situation, calmer now.

I have been having trouble this entire past year with focusing. This is such a long detailed story and I don't have time to spell it all out.....but......I saw a doc today and she put me on Ritalin......HA! I am hoping that it helps me to focus better. I like it for the fact that I only have to use it when I want to focus and it is not a long term, take one every day type of medication. I am one of those people that hates taking any type of medication. So....we shall see, I am hoping it makes it a little bit better for me in regards to school work......I might focus better. I can't even sit and watch TV without doing 3 other things (a pretty good sign of ADD) Gotta run.......

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