Sunday, June 08, 2008

Timing is everything

Well I just submitted a paper that was due with 10 minutes to spare. How is that for meeting a deadline. I have NO idea if it is a good paper or not! UGH! It is a critique of a research article that my professor wrote. Even more nerve racking! I am planning to recreate the same study that she did, thus I had to critique her article. The real problem was that it was limited to 5 pages INCLUDING the cover page. I went over by 2 sentences. I suppose I will lose a point for that. I could have easily written 10 pages.......*sigh*.

Having that finished feels good. I need to schedule out my time and get my other stuff completed sooner than the due date, the stress is horrible when I go so close to the due date (10 minutes!!) I would have preferred to have a day to let it sit and review again prior to submission. I lost my focus the last week (certainly understandable with the roommate situation) but it is more than that. "the boy" has some to do with it, just working out our schedules has been challenging. This week he changed his work schedule and that seemed to almost make it worse, although it was suppose to help...HA! I do think that we have adjusted better now and it will improve greatly. June is just a horrid month for me with this stats class that meets 2 hours every single day M-F. The level of intensity is turned up very high with that and I have so much other work that also needs to be completed in the mean time.

I am looking forward to completing the Spring and Summer term successfully and having a little bit of a breather in August, although August is when my data for my research should be complete and I will need to analyze it and write up the results, however it will be better to focus on that during August and get it reasonably complete before the Fall term begins. I don't expect too much of a breather until the summer of 2010 when I won't be taking any summer classes (although I will be studying for my prelims that summer.....well hell......ok so no real breather until the summer of 2012.....but then I will be finished! :o) Depressing huh? Nah, not really, it is exciting too and I LOVE learning and I have been learning SO much, both scholarly and I really am not complaining!

Peace Out!

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