Sunday, June 01, 2008


Yikes! Suddenly I am buried in homework! ACK! I will be making a focused attention today to get much accomplished. Tomorrow I start a statistics class (I HATE stats!) that meets for 2 hours EVERY day M-F for the entire month of June. I am not looking forward to it at all. June is going to be a busy month! I know of one fun thing in son Ben is taking me to the Jack Johnson concert on the 18th! That will be fun.....of course all of the times inbetween "the boy" will help make it fun!

I had a very fun surprise delivered to my door! J&P my friends from Indiana sent me a birthday box of goodies. They are so good at knowing just exactly what to get me and I was not expecting it at all, so that was such a fun thing to open my door to find and then sit and open it up!

A short update today, as I really do need to get crackin, but please, if you missed the comment on my last post from Joe......please pray for his son. They are taking him tomorrow for a brain biopsy. Of course they are afraid and any and all prayers, white light......all will be helpful.

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