Friday, June 20, 2008

The Concert and such.....

Seeing my son was heaven, watching the Jack Johnson Concert with him was icing on the heaven cake! The concert was just incredible. He sang every song that I would have hoped that he sing. I stood and danced the entire concert (as did the entire audience) Of course we all sang to every song as well! My son was in total awe at the start of the concert. Jack Johnson is his favorite artist and he was almost speechless for the first 15 minutes, then he got into it. It was a LONG concert. It began at 7pm with the opening acts (2, Money Mark and Mason Jennings, both not bad), than about 9 pm Jack came on and he sang for 2 hours! It was a total goat screw getting OUT of the concert and getting out of the parking lot. We arrived home at 1:30 a wonderful pizza and breadsticks that "the boy" had brought over for us to have when we arrived home.

I had a stats midterm yesterday that was a little disconcerting to be out so late, however I did "ok" on the exam even after spending all of that time having fun.

I have one more week of this class......I have so much to accomplish in the next week that it is nearly going to be impossible......but the light at the end of the tunnel is lovely as after this next week, it will be July and the stats class will be over and things are going to be much smoother in July......even better in August!

My head is healing up well, still pretty sore but the swelling is down to simply the "bump" of where my head actually hit. The swelling was taking up half of my head!

That about does it! Peace Out!

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