Thursday, July 31, 2008

Holy Cow!

I have been trying to update you all! Every time I type out a post, I get "called" away and don't get it posted! I can not believe that it is Thursday already! Chrystal and Jeff came to visit for a few days so that Chrystal could take her nursing license exam. They left late last night. Today is "domestic" day which means I get to clean the apartment, do laundry and get myself organized. I had a not so pleasant run in with Comcast yesterday. (If there was anyway for me to get rid of Comcast I would do it in a heart beat!). This is going to be quick and short as I really need to get some things done, but I did want you to know that everything is going along fine here, I am looking forward to getting MUCH accomplished in August and hopefully I can get some fun stuff posted here for you all. Peace out.


ellen said...

Whew! I thought you'd joined the circus and run away.

Little said...

Ahh... Comcast. I have NOTHING good to say about them. LOL

Imagine.... When we were traveling, I had to deal with them for just about every contract. It was horrible.