Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Research Proposal

I am knee deep in writing a VERY lengthy research proposal that is long past due. I am making progress! Once I get that off to my advisor I will begin work on my second research proposal. The outline for that is due this weekend, I nearly have that outline developed so that part is a piece of cake, the proposal itself will be much more fun than this one, as the one that I am working on now isn't really my research interest and it is super complicated to write a research proposal for a pilot study of a research project that my advisor is the principal investigator for. My second research project is MY research interest and I am excited to be developing it. It will be the first step to my dissertation. How fun will that be to reference my OWN research article in MY dissertation!

My Father's health continues to decline. He had dialysis for the first time yesterday, after having his newly placed fistula not work, so they put in a central line to use until the fistula will work. He did get his letter from the UofM transplant team and he is officially on the donor list for a new kidney. "the boy" is calling today to find out if he can be tested as a match for my father. Pretty cool huh? My father's blood type is AB, so he is a universal recipient and will match any blood type. There are many other factors that need to be tested, so we are not getting our hopes up that he will be a match, but it is very cool that he would even be tested.

Things smoothed out with "the boy" and are going along even better than before. The little bump was a good thing, just to help us learn how to "be" with each other.

Now, I need to FOCUS and finish this proposal so that I may have this monster off my plate! :o)

Peace Out!

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