Thursday, July 10, 2008

The good news and the bad news

The good news, I am back in Triple Creek to see the kiddies and it is totally awesome to see them. Really and Truly. I miss them tons.

The bad news, I miss "the boy" like, extra lots. He couldn't come with me and, well....damn I miss him!

Fortunately for me I have the kids and I can enjoy them for the next few days, and see my parents, etc. However, when I go home on Sunday, I think that I am going to be one happy girl to see "the boy"!

I promised the kids that I would clean the house for them, so that should be fun (not). I am planning to "work" tomorrow to make a bit of cash and Benjamin turns 21 on Sunday, so long about Midnight on Saturday night, I will be purchasing my baby boy's first legal drink. It should be a fun weekend, even though part of my heart is back in Ann Arbor with "the boy".

I do hope that you are all having an enjoyable weekend!

(Oh, PS, "the boy" and I are planning an 80's Prom RSVP if you would like to come!)


Little said...

80's prom party?

Were there Margarita's in the 80's? If so, I'm in. ;-)

Catie said...

Uhhhhh, YEAH! Margaritas were BIG in the 80's......:o)