Friday, June 29, 2007

Ruh Roh!

Lil miss procrastinator has now the huge job of getting ready for a garage sale (basically from scratch) from this moment, until tomorrow morning...........when the garage sale begins. OYE! I have a feeling I will be up all night. I am looking forward to getting rid of all of this stuff....what doesn't sell will of course be donated to Good Will. I am amazed to think that within 2 weeks I will be living in Ann Arbor! I am excited and fearful. I am trying to leave lots of space for this transition. PG asked me today........what do I want to do the same, or be the same and what do I want to not do the same or not be the same as I transition.........I really need to be with that question and think about it. For now though..........I need to get this garage sale ready! I can't wait to see Paul and Jenny!

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