Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ahhhhh....Scott has spoken!

Thanks Scott! I knew of course that his opinion on Apple would be highly prejudice......I do find it very interesting that every single person I know who has an Apple, or has had an Apple.......are loyal to the core about them. I have never met one person who has or has had an Apple that says anything negative about them. I am strongly leaning towards getting the IMac. Scott I did go to the Apple store again on line and discovered with my UofM student email address it saved me $100 on the IMac. Plus I get an Ipod nano for free....although I want the real Ipod. I have some things to think about..............Thank you so much for all the info Scott! I hope you are all having a fabulous day............I keep counting down the days.....only 8 work days left.....woooohoooo!!!


ellen said...

My young neighbor is a "Mac Snob" and every time he comes over to help me with a techy issue, he always wrinkles his nose.
Good luck with your 'puter decisions.

Scott said...

I wrinkle my nose too. ;-)

Went to Whole Foods today. Said "HI" for you. =)