Saturday, June 23, 2007

Happy Weekend!

Three Weekends left here at the ranch! I was reserving my moving truck and saw PODS, I thought, oh would that make my life just lovely, to get one of those, put it in the backyard, and put all of my stuff in it now and get it out of the way, then have them move it to Ann Arbor on the 13th! Unfortunately they don't service my zip code here. So I get to trip over boxes for another 3 weeks. Having the garage sale next weekend will help. Today is laundry, cleaning and organizing. I also get my hair done. I am going blonde, I started it at the last appointment, we bleached my hair and we are going to bleach it one more time today, then find a color to keep my roots. It has helped, the gray is not so obvious as it grows in when the rest of my hair is blonde. This will make it easier when I actually decide to let it go gray. I hope your weekend is peaceful.

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