Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Well, I am officially employed permanently. It is not a typical situation. I was hired contingently to help prepare this homecare and hospice agency to get ready for Joint Commission. Subsequently they decided that they wanted to keep me, and thus proceeded the struggle between the homecare side and the hospice side, as they both wanted me. I finally made my decision to oversee the palliative care program (which I will develop), once that decision was made they realized that it would be a month or two before they could really get a palliative care program started up, thus they asked me to be the interim DON of hospice (the other position) for 2 months to get them into shape until they are ready for me to start the palliative care service. It is a long drive (45 minutes) however, that doesn't bother me. It is nice to know that I will have a decent income for the next few years while I finish my dissertation. I also realize that working full time will take more focus to get my dissertation completed. But to be able to pay my bills and LIVE without the struggles that having no money brings, will be such a relief. It will also set me up to have my credit fixed by the time I graduate. They are long days (12 hours including drive time) and I have no idea how I will get everything done that gets done during the week, or anything else for that matter, the weekends will be spent writing. So, going from course work to dissertation may be more intense than coursework has been the last three years, but at least I won't have the money issues. I can do it, and I am thankful for the opportunity!

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