Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Still have that damn tooth!

Indeed, the tooth that has been causing me so much pain, remains in my mouth. The dental students couldn't get me numb, I did try to put up a brave front and suggest that they just go for it and take it out anyway, after all, it wouldn't KILL me......they did try.......I screamed.....they stopped. So, my second round of antibiotics, which also means a second round of monistat (trust me, you don't want to know more than that) and I have to go AGAIN on Thursday and let them try again. Can't they just put me to sleep?? Seriously, I want it out and I don't want to KNOW that how it came out. *SIGH*

The end of the term is very stressful, 3 more weeks.........then.........a bit of a break. Although I have grants to write, scholarships to try for AND my pre-dissertation to work on, as well as research that I am in charge of ......to do over Christmas break, I at least don't have to attend class or do any additional writing or reading for classes.

I am in the middle of testing to see if I can donate a kidney to my father, the first set of tests show me as a much, with a slight problem with an antibody that he has that could fight with my Antigen #24, thus we must do the crossmatch antigen test again to be sure that he remains in a negative antibody state to my antigen. Once that is complete, we will continue with the process, the timing might be slightly off. I wanted to do it over the Christmas break, but that is looking very slim. I don't want to do it during the semester, nevertheless, I of course would for my father.

That pretty much brings you up to date........I have stuff to read......stuff to write........

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